What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy encompasses a number of modalities, particularly herbal medicine and nutrition, to help identify and support illnesses and imbalances within the body. Naturopathy offers a holistic approach to health, based on the principle that the body, given all the right love and support, has an innate ability to heal itself. With a focus on determining the root cause of an imbalance or illness, naturopathy helps to restore optimal health and bring homeostasis (balance) to the body. Naturopathy looks at the individual as a whole, taking in to account all body systems, mental & physical - everything is connected!

Naturopathy is designed to support the body, helping it to heal naturally, particularly through the use of diet & lifestyle advice, nutritional supplementation and herbal medicine. Each naturopathic treatment is designed to cater for the individual at focus. We are all different and thus each have a unique naturopathic care plan.