Skin Health

Did you know your skin is the largest organ your body has and is your main external indicator of your internal environment!? Skin concerns such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea, are your body’s very clever way of signalling that something on the inside is not quite right. Possible causes of skin issues include; potential food intolerances, diet, hormonal imbalances, stress, and gut disturbances. Thus, your skin condition is a sign that your body is craving some tender lovin’ and nourishment.  We need to treat the gut, look at the cause of your skin condition and support your beautiful skin with all of our skin loving herbs, nutrients, and lifestyle factors. Nutmeg’s quick tips for feeding your skin include;

  • Hydration - You require adequate fluid intake throughout the day- i.e. water, preferably filtered, approx. 8 glasses/ day or about 2L/day (herbal teas included!)

  • Protein, Protein, Protein - Among its many roles, protein helps build and repair the cells in our body, including your skin cells! Including a ‘good’ serve of a protein-rich food such as seafood, lean meat, organic cage-free eggs, legumes, organic tofu, full-fat dairy or nuts/seeds with each meal/snack is vital. A ‘good’ serve of protein will fit inside the palm of your hand. For example, 2 eggs at breakfast or a palm sized portion of firm organic tofu at lunch. If and when eating meat, make sure to choose (whenever possible), high-quality, organic, hormone/antibiotic-free and “grass-fed” meats.

  • Essential Fatty Acids - These are our good fats and they feed our skin! We need good fats with each meal such as those found in nuts, seeds, avocado, wild-caught fish, flaxseed oil & extra virgin/cold pressed olive oil. Aim to have a small portion of good fats at each meal, such as ½ avocado with your eggs at breakfast, a handful of nuts/seeds mid-morning or a drizzle of olive oil or flaxseed oil on your salad at lunch.

  • Eating a Wide Variety of Vegetables/Herbs - Vegetables and herbs are full of our skin loving nutrients and minerals. Aim to have each main meal ½ full of vegetables and include at least 1 vegetable with each snack! Vegetables are one of the only foods we can’t seem to eat enough of. So go on, knock yourself out! Eat all the colours of the rainbow!

  • Reduce/eliminate dairy, saturated/trans fats and excess carbohydrate consumption (particularly high GI foods…. Yes that definitely includes sugar) - these three bad boys seem to be the three most common factors in upsetting your skin. So reduce and eliminate consumption wherever possible.

  • Reduce your stress levels - easier said than done right? Stress is an unavoidable part of life, so learning how to control and manage your stress is so important. Stress is not all doom and gloom, a certain level of stress can be positive in certain situations! Strategies you can use to help control the psychological and physiological aspect of stress include yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, daily journal-writing, partaking in daily hobbies and relaxation techniques such as deep breathing.

  • Daily sunshine + exercise

Do you have a chronic skin condition or currently experiencing skin breakouts or concerns? Say hello, and together we can discover the why behind your skin issues and develop a personalised treatment plan to nourish your skin, from the inside —> out!